The Scientific Cycle, New Technologies Leading To New Scientific Discoveries

When you think about science, you have to think of it in a cyclical fashion because it truly goes around and around.  Science is based around the advancement of technology, to come up with discoveries that are tested, and then improved upon.  Looking at this cycle more closely can help you better understand the true benefits of science and how discoveries come about.

The scientific cycle starts with an idea from a creative mind.  That creative mind comes up with something such as a car that can help transport people from one place to another.  When this idea is born, the science behind it then needs to be developed or engineered so that it can be made a reality.  Once that car is built, the next scientist is going to come around and think of the next advancement to the car to improve upon that product, or come up with a whole new way to travel.  They will come up with the idea, and then through exploration, discovery, testing, and analysis, they will figure out a way to engineer it to make that new product and even better reality.  By having teachers who can help us learn about this scientific process and everything behind it, we can continue to advance as a human race and better the world.

Article submitted by Sasha Bakhru.  A winner of the Outstanding Service Award for teaching at Columbia University, Sasha Bakhru has made his mark on the science world.  The work he has put in to learn, understand, and teach engineering in medicine is helping truly advance the science field.