Top Scientist Sasha Bakhru

The worlds of science and medicine have been taking note of Sasha Bakhru, and for good reason!  Bakhru continues to make a name for himself in both of these fields due to his innovative research and numerous contributions.  Bakhru’s work and research have benefited these industries in important ways.

First of all, Sasha Bakhru is one of the founders of the specialty pharmaceuticals company known as Perosphere Inc.  Bakhru has played a very crucial part in the creation of this revolutionary company.  Bakhru serves as both the VP and the CTO.  Perosphere Inc. is attempting to change the entire pharmaceuticals business.  Currently, they are in the process of innovating and updating drug designs in addition to revolutionizing drug delivery technology.  Perosphere is one of the leading companies in the “rescue” drug sector today.

As of now, Perosphere currently has patents as well as pending patents on their multipurpose products.  Perosphere uses extreme discrimination as far as the types of chemicals and therapeutics that it utilizes.  They only use the highest quality chemicals available to make their products and drugs.

In addition to his work with Perosphere, Sasha Bakhru also works as an adjunct assistant professor of medical science at BrownUniversity in Providence, Rhode Island.  Bakhru has studied the subjects of science and medicine in depth.  Bakhru has a graduate degree in engineering science with an emphasis in biomedical and mechanical engineering.

When he’s not busy working, Bakhru is busily engaging in various projects and kinds of research.  He is in the middle of designing polymeric hydrogel-based scaffolds for ex vivo neural stem cell expansion.  He has made many important contributions to the field of science such as engineering a microcapsule-based platform that is capable of detecting the impact of various biochemical and topographical cues on both growth and diversity.

Author bio: Guest post is submitted by Sasha Bakhru, a leading scientist in stem cell research and the pharmaceuticals industry.  Check out his website for more information.