Watch Out for Sasha Bakhru!

Author bio: Guest post is submitted by Sasha Bakhru, a leading scientist in stem cell research.  Browse his website for more information.

Sasha Bakhru is a top scientist and medical researcher today.  One of Bakhru’s biggest passions is the study of stem cells.  He has conducted some essential research on the use of stem cells using rat stem cells.  Bakhru believes that stem cells are capable of healing millions of people from a variety of afflictions and he’s absolutely committed to the vital research involved.

Sasha Bakhru’s contributions are critical to both the fields of science and medicine.  His role in these important industries, allows him to make a huge impact on the planet.  Sasha Bakhru completed his graduate studies in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering.  He specialized in materials science and explored the fundamentals and fabrication of the design of materials.  Bakhru also heavily studied tissue engineering while in school.

Bakhru has multiple dimensions to his career.  He works as an adjunct assistant professor of medical science at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  While not busy teaching classes to the future brains of science and medicine, he also works for a specialty pharmaceutical company.  Perosphere Inc. is working to change drug designs and drug delivery systems for what are commonly known as “rescue drugs.”  Not only did Bakhru co-found this organization, he also serves as the VP and the CTO.  They’ve already attained a number of patents on their products and at this time and have multiple pending patents on their advanced drug delivery technology.

Bakhru’s central research is helping to change the field of biomedicine forever.